it came upon me gradually, slowly creeping in, as night does in the evening hours.

dense and dubious,

it didn’t look like black, but rather the confused effort to imagine black

by someone who had never seen black.

it reminds me of an odor.

it seemed to fill my lungs,

and at the same time,

leave me gasping with claustrophobia.

it knew that it existed

and it knew that i was there watching it.

still, it was unaffected by my presence and behaved with a sort of passionate indifference towards me.

i tried to approach it,

calmly like i would a doe in the forest,

but as soon as i got close enough to reach for it

it melted away,

back into oblivion.

it’s abundance was lost in translation

and finally was no more

because it was too much.

photo: @johandeckmann

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