{ the rebel }

i made my way along the stone path,

dragging my feet as i usually do whenever i’m reluctant to go.

once at the gate, i turned back.

the sun was peaking through the clouds as i surveyed all that was left behind me.

i laughed quietly

because i knew that i would never solve it.

then, the garden smiled at me.

she seemed to be amused,

and in silent agreement.

i leaned against the gate and watched for a long time.

every pebble, every blade of grass,

all of it was was no longer available to me in the same way that it was a moment ago.

it all seemed to be changing right before my eyes,

ever so slightly forcing me to shift my perspective.

there was no right way to see it.

again, i laughed quietly

because i realized that

i was witnessing a sort of


the attitude of the trees,

of the flowers,

was that of refusal.

they simply refused to remain the same or allow me to project any kind of expectation onto their existence.

i couldn’t help but envy this kind of audacity.

i gave a heavy sigh because i knew that i wanted to be one of them.

i too, wanted to rebel.

photo: @bess_hamiti

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