{ cognitive dissonance }

there once was a girl who got in the wrong world.

she existed in rhythm with other people.
in a world of public parks, cafes and metropolitan cities,
but none of it was was familiar.

she tried to convince herself that she was living somewhere else.
behind the canvas of paintings, between the pages of books, immersed in the long dry laments of jazz.

and then, after making a complete fool of herself,
she opened her eyes,
she realized that she had been mislead—

the way up and the way down were arbitrary distinctions.

she saw all around her a contradiction and within herself a breathing paradox.

her mind and this world,
straining against each other without being able to embrace each other.

she wrote a note:
my mind’s sentiment for unity,

this atomistic universe, and the contradiction

that binds them,

there is no secret behind this,

it’s absurd, and only that.

photo: Chris Labrooy @chrislabrooy

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