{ yoga class gossip }

what does it mean to be present?

the hippies are saying it to each other all the time, but i don’t think it means what they think it means.

you have to understand,

you’re not being present when you’re meditating or consulting your chakras, or any of that.

you’re preparing to be present.

you’re dancing around potential,

you haven’t actually done anything with it.

most of the time, people wander around bumping into each other in a sort of halfway existence.

potential is that other half of existence they won’t accept.

the half that’s right here.

the present.

everything else that is not here, being encountered directly, is an abstraction.

the past does not exist here.

not even a little.

not in antiques, not in memories, not in scars.

the future doesn’t exist here and

expectation doesn’t exist here, either.

the only thing that exists in the present is potential.

recognizing this is just the first step.

to be present you have to use all of that potential.

being present requires action of some kind.

to use all of your potential, even for just a moment, is hard work.

and if you do it right,

it’ll hurt the whole time.

and you can’t expect a payoff or anything in return.

Existence just gave you the finger.

imagine doing something like that every moment for as long as you can.

that’s being present.

it’s not all fun and games and meditation circles.

it’s a lot of responsibility to exist all the way.

what’s that phenomenon called?

when you laugh at inappropriate moments?

i’m just saying.

somebody’s gotta’ tell these hippies they’ve got it all wrong, but it ain’t gonna’ be me.


photo: ‘Sales’ by Lumps @lumps_uk

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