people are always tellers of tales.

trying to live as if they were telling a story.

they tell themselves, they tell each other, they even call these stories ‘true.’

as if there could possibly be true stories.

adventure happens spontaneously and you tell about it in the opposite sense.

if you don’t understand this you can get tripped up.

everything changes when you tell about an adventure.

because you live an adventure and tell a story.

a story starts at the beginning,

but the end is there transforming everything.

the whole thing runs on a loop.

stop. reverse. start again. replay.

instants have stopped piling themselves spontaneously one on top of the other.

all the essential details have been artfully arranged and rearranged until they’re right where they need to be,

so that everything flows just right.

it all adds up, but there’s nothing true left.

and then you turn around, all stressed out, expecting life to be just like the stories;

but adventures are exactly the opposite.

they happen behind the scenes.

people come, people go, the scenery changes from time to time.

no editing, no revising.

no replay.

the most true thing is the moment you’re in which passes before you can catch your bearings.

they call this the irreversibility of time.

sure, call it that.

whatever you call it,

you can’t tell about it first hand because you’ll just get in the way.

and you can’t expect too much from anything because you’ll get in the way.

and if you try to pause,

if you try to make sense of too much,

you’ll get in the the way of everything.

just get out of the way, kid.

photo: Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell eating ramen

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