{ an exchange }

the story begins as i’m on my way somewhere,

it’s not important where.

waiting, waiting, waiting for something.

always waiting,

waiting for nothing.

aware of things, but unaffected by them.

by chance,

my eyes meet yours.

you smile at me invitingly,

we are strangers to each other.

you must have sensed my insecurity.

with graceful subtlety,

you whispered to me with your gaze.

a silent exchange.

in an instant,

i’m full.

struck by a realization.

a mighty tsunami wave crashes down on the beach of a sleepy consciousness,

a fresh awareness cleanses my spirit as i share this subtle moment with you.

two hearts with no names,

content to live this moment together.

you depart suddenly when the train stops and i feel no regret,

no sense of longing or discontent.

i’m still full;

still satisfied

with the memory of your star,

the remnants of our silent exchange.

i see now that this fullness,

this satisfaction,

is more than enough.

how could one ever desire more?

greed is the only source of unhappiness in the world.

someone i never actually met taught me that.

how strange.

photo: NYC subway – 1980s

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