{ mirror, mirror }

the strangest thing is this black hole in the wall.

this mirror.

normally, i avoid it.

i know it’s a trap.

today i give in.

i’m curious.

i see an unknown face;

barely a face.

what looks like a woman.

a woman i recognize,

but i don’t know her.

she knows me, though.

i can tell by the way she looks at me.

her gaze leaves me feeling violated.

apparently, her face is mine?

wouldn’t that make this reflection mine, too?

such a notion seems suspicious.

i study it.

i try not to blink.

the whole thing just doesn’t make sense.

maybe it’s impossible to understand one’s own face.

i draw my face closer until it touches the mirror.

the eyes, nose and mouth disappear;

shadows dim my periphery.

nothing human is left.

it’s strange.

i prefer this perspective.

i wonder why such things are even considered attractive or unattractive.

photo: ‘Trust Nobody’ by Polly Nor @pollynor

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