you are so afraid of the only force powerful enough to save you from yourself.

ironic, isn’t it?

something meant to ease your pain and disarm your fears has become your deepest fear.

when did Love become such a terrifying thing for you?

when did Love become an achievement?

a result;

a standard;

something to be measured and compared;

based on some ridiculous criteria?

when did you lose your imagination;

your sense of creativity?

when did you allow Love to become so restricted;

so traditional?

i don’t want that kind of Love and

that’s not the kind of Love i feel for you.

my Love is much simpler than that.

the essence of my Love is


i am more than Satisfied

with the mere pleasure of your good company

in the moments we spend together.

in my opinion, there is no more genuine Love than that.

and there is certainly nothing to fear.

Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys admiring a painting by artist Jean Michel Basquiat at the Brooklyn Museum

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