a kiss lacking Appreciation is the most subtle display of arrogance with the most potent repercussions.

it’s happened to me on several occasions and yet, i never learn.

time and time again i kiss goodbye on the pretenses that tomorrow we will surely meet again.

i kiss goodbye without considering the lips which belong to the one who is so dear to me in that moment;

as though i am guaranteed to experience their softness again tomorrow.

then, tomorrow comes and Nature reveals Her plan;

which is different than the one i had devised,

and i am left standing there like a fool.

with only the memory of a final haphazard kiss to tie to the beautiful memory i have of someone.

it’s a self inflicted tragedy in its own right and

for the sake of my dignity,

of my intellect,

such behavior must be discontinued.

from now on, i will kiss goodbye like it’s the last time, every time.

Fan art on display at the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

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