my Love lives in my heart.

and it is my duty to keep my Love safe

because without it i will die.

cleverly, i have built a castle to guard my heart and protect my Love.

a castle, fully equipped with moat and terrifying dragon to defend the gate.

an impenetrable fortress to prevent all who dare to try

from setting foot inside.

but, what seems to protect,

has become a prison.

its thick stone walls made of my past sufferings.

held together by the cement of my fear.

i have been quite Comfortable surrounded by these carefully constructed walls for too long.

but, i see now that,

this castle, this moat, this dragon,

they are my worst enemies.

these walls of Comfort are suffocating my Love.

for the sake of my life,

i must tear down these walls.

else, my Love is condemned and

doomed to die inside this Comfortable prison.

and I along with it.

Gala Éluard Dalí and Salvador Dalí

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