I wait patiently,

For you to tell me.

I watch you,

Walking away;

Disappearing into the Fog.

I guess, it really is Goodbye.

I wonder,

How long will it be?

How long until,

I forget the color…

Until, I forget the color of your eyes.

How long until,

They are just another shade of grey

In the fog of distant memory.

I envision them in my mind,

For the last time.

A flicker of warm sunlight,

Illuminating a jungle of deep greens.

A delicate lavender field,

Swaying in a gentle breeze.

A turquoise oil spill;

A tornado of all the stars,

In all the galaxies.

I breathe in deeply

The mushroom cloud of dust it leaves behind.


I whisper under my breath.

But, wait.

In a moment you stop;

You looked back at me

And say it quietly

With that look that only

A Lover’s eyes can give.

It’s not Goodbye.

At least, not yet…

‘Bringing A Hand To A Knife Fight’ by Kristen Liu-Wong | @kliuwong

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