Most people associate feminism today with women’s rights activists and angry protesters. Of course the legal rights of women are of utmost importance but, these secondary elements of feminism should not impede the spotlight from shining on the central objective of the movement. As far as the foundations are concerned, the backbone of the philosophy is a much simpler concept, which has been forgotten.

As women, we must embrace our sexuality and not suppress it. This is about looking in the mirror and loving the shape of your body, respecting the depth of your intellect and appreciating the warmth of your soul. Sexy is an attitude forged from within. An attitude, that is the essence of feminism.

Too often we, as women, forget that men are people too. People with trials, tribulations and scars of their own; people with insecurities; people who make mistakes; people who need love too. These feelings of animosity toward the opposite sex will not bring us equality. And, though there are some bad men out there, there are also some bad women too. We must put down our weapons and communicate from our hearts with compassion.

Let’s start a new movement and call it Sexy Feminism. Its mission will be to empower women to reclaim their sexuality and strengthen the foundations of love within themselves and for others. Let’s create a fresh environment where humility and compassion are law and let these be the pillars of feminism…

“Déjà Vu” by Lisa Yuskavage

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