Let’s flip a coin. According to the laws of probability, the odds of landing on heads are always equal to the odds of landing on tails. We flip the coin ten times and the outcomes result in a 0:10 ratio. What the hell, the odds are supposed to be even? Probability laws tell us what the odds are, not what the results will be. This is where the law of large numbers comes into play. The law of large numbers tells us that in order to see evenly distributed results (half heads/half tails) we have to flip the coin more than just ten times; more like 1,000,000 times.

In life, when we are rejected ten times in a row we are not likely to make that 11th attempt. Most people won’t even make a second attempt if they fail once.  It is in our Nature to “learn from our mistakes.” We don’t apply the law of large numbers…

We are Rational
It is our Nature to
Take action
Based on our Experience
Driven by Fear and Greed
Which cloud the Mind
We rely on our Knowledge
Of the Past
Not our Reason
In the Present

“Love Hurts” by Outis

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