In Your Dreams

How can you be sure 
The shadow that follows you 
Is your own
If it has no face 
And, no other distinguishing features 
Which prove
It is yours 

For arguments sake
Let’s say you know the shadow
Is yours
Can you touch the shadow?
You may touch the ground 
That it is projected on
But, have you touched the shadow?
Certainly not
It is impossible to touch a shadow
Or, is it?

What if 
In your sleep 
You dream of your shadow
You see its face 
You touch it with your hand
And, when you wake 
You remember its features
And, what it felt like in your hand
Have you touched your shadow, then?

When we look with our 
We see only a shadow
Of our True substance
A shadow we can never touch 
But, there is another way to look 

Artist | Eduardo Kobra @kobrastreetart

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