The Israeli Guy

{Written late one night in my garage.}

The other day I was running a few errands; I was stopped in front of a store window when I felt someone else’s presence.  He just stood there for a few seconds staring at me with this giddy grin on his face.  Then, rather abruptly, he asked me out; smooth as hell in a very thick Israeli accent.  But, it wasn’t his accent that caught me off guard — it was what he said.  His approach was very direct; no hello, no exchange of names, all he said was, “I would like to see you again tomorrow.” I respected his guts, so I agreed and we met the next day.  

We had only been in each other’s company for about thirty minutes and small talk was already proving difficult.  You could really tell from his broken English that he had only been in the country for a few weeks.  There came a moment of silence and then he said, “I don’t speak English, I know.  I just want to sit with you and look at your eyes.”  I was incredibly flattered.  And so, that’s exactly what we did.  We just sat in each other’s company, smiling, occasionally giggling, google translating a few sentences here and there.  But, it was never awkward.  Even when I told him I was moving to France in less than a week and he said, “I will miss you.”  Really, this guy knows how to make a girl blush.  

What really stuck with me though was the way he said goodbye.  He kissed my hand and said, “If I knew you, I would love you.” It was a twenty minute drive home and I think I only blinked a total of three times.  I was deep in thought, wondering if he knew what he had actually said (it’s not like I could really ask him for clarification).  When I got home, while still sitting in the garage, I got out my journal…

What is your name?
Never mind, don’t tell me
Let’s just be two hearts
With no names

All I want to do
Is sit here with you
And live this moment
Looking at you
While you look at me
There is nothing else on my mind
Only the color of your eyes

If I knew you
I would love you
But I don’t want your love forever
Just long enough so you’ll remember me
Just long enough
For you to miss me

Street art as seen in Paris | Artist @manyoly 

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