We spend our lives studying the minds of other people. People who, we assume, have brains more capable and thoughts more profound than our own.  Yet, in every work of genius, do we not recognize our own thoughts?  
This voice in our head, the narrator of our minds, that we hear in solitude grows faint and inaudible when we are handed the mic.  Instead, we keep what’s in our minds a secret and prefer to have our own thoughts read back to us by the voice of someone else.  My point here is simple.  That epiphany you had on the subway, the moment of clarity that came while you were brushing your teeth — don’t keep those thoughts locked away, share them with the world.   

Your truest thoughts
Your deepest desires
Are your most guarded secrets

We all have our secrets
The thoughts we will never speak
The passions we pine for
Deep in our depths

Your heart
Read to you by the voice of a stranger
Your truth
Written by the hand of another
Your secrets
Exposed in red ink

To live a life without secrets
Would be life as it was meant to be
To speak what is true in your heart
And to believe that this truth
Is true for all hearts
Is to understand the connection of all things

Trust yourself
Speak your mind
Tell the world your secrets
You know more than you think you do

Artist David Choe paints a mural on the Houston Bowery Wall in New York, New York. | Instagram account @davidchoe 

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