The Artist Within

{Written while smoking a cigarette outside Soho Piano Bar.}

One of my favorite spots in London is this place called Soho Piano Bar off Carlisle Street.  I would go there at least a couple of times a week, have a few whiskey neats and enjoy the live music.  It’s a cozy little place, not much to it, but I love it.  In a way, I owe one of my most profound epiphanies to this place.  

One night I was hanging out there, wondering what the hell I was going to do with my life and my career.  I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and while I was standing there smoking I realized something.  I have a handful of occupations: gardener, English teacher, management consultant and entrepreneur, to name a few.  But, as my career path continues to change there is one occupation that remains constant: artist.  

Within each of us in an artist; and an artist, must make art.  Whatever your passion is in life, you must make that your art and you must do it. The problem arises when we become so preoccupied with plotting our future success stories that we cease to derive pleasure from the creative process; from our art.  There is a sense of urgency in our hearts that lures our attention toward the future and away from what we are really passionate about in the present.  We are in such a hurry to make something of ourselves that we forget to make our art.  Stir in a little fear of rejection and we give up on ourselves and our art completely.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if Salvador Dalí hadn’t painted the Persistence of Memory because he was worried people wouldn’t like it? If Nas hadn’t started rapping because he was worried people wouldn’t listen to his songs?

A head full of noisy anxiety overpowers the voice of the artist within us and stifles our creative capacities.   As artists, we must remember to trust ourselves; trust our passion, trust our ability and trust our intuition. We must resist the pressure to succeed that overwhelms us and we must make our art.  

Ten steps ahead
Always rushing
Need to hurry up
There’s so much to do
And they are all waiting
Please, don’t wait for me

Can’t think with all this noise
A head
Full of bees buzzing
A bee keeper
That’s what I am

There is nothing in front of me
And nothing behind me
Something is chasing me
The snake inside my stomach coils
It senses danger

If I cannot make my art
Then I cannot be myself
An artist must make art
Go on babe
Express yourself

Photo compliments of Instagram account @marcelodonatti17 

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