{Written after watching an Amy Winehouse documentary.}

The unique and bitter taste
of a poison too harsh to swallow
Her passion
Drips from her lips

The song of her Soul
Her pain felt in every word
Her voice warms my heart
And gives my voice strength

I look through the window
Into her eyes
My God, what a creature to behold
I ask myself
What am I, if not her?

Her gaze reflected in the mirror
Her eyes
This body of mine
That I torture

Secrets she keeps under her finger nails
Black and dirty
I shed that layer of skin
But, in no time, I go back to black
The venom that killed her
That poison lingers in my veins

Is this not Beauty?
Is this not Strength?
If not, then what is?

What makes a Soul beautiful
Is not what makes a body beautiful
What gives a Soul strength
Is not what gives a body strength

Photo compliments of Instagram account @camden.queen

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