For me, I consider Fate to be a force, something like a magnet.  A force that is always pulling you toward your true Self.  A force pulling you toward love. But, not the love of another, the love of your Self.  There is no law that enforces it; we always have our free will to resist.  There’s a rawness to it that has nothing to do with purpose or events…

So focused on being beautiful
No time for being myself
Hiding behind her
Who They want me to be
While who I am watches from the window

Obsessed with the mirror
The window to my Self
Looking into my own eyes
A stranger I did not trust

Living her nightmares
I watched her fall and felt her pain
The weight of her secrets
So heavy on my heart
I can’t take another step

Her soul pulls me
Guiding me gently
Teaching me
How to feel everything at once

In the core of her existence
There is truth
But no logic
The raw core of her existence
That is my Fate

Photo compliments of Instagram account @johndomineoriginal | Artwork by Sirus Fountain (@pyramidoracle)

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